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Technology Start-ups Are, In Fact, Different From Publicly Traded Tech-Giants

This sounds obvious, but if you are an individual inventor seeking to retain patent counsel, you may begin to question your sanity based on the one-size-fits-all approach most CT patent law firms offer you. Combined with the bias implicit in having performed a task for the majority of one’s life, you may have left meetings with patent lawyers feeling like the stupidest person in the room. We are here to re-assure you that this is not the case. Instead, you simply have been speaking with the wrong patent lawyers.

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Mutchler Patent LLC is a CT Patent Law Firm tailored to the needs of individual inventors, early-stage start-ups, and small businesses.

Competence In One Endeavor Does Not Necessarily Translate To Others: Patent Law Is No Different.

Simply because a CT patent lawyer excels in his representation of late stage corporations does not mean that he will be at all competent in his patent representation of individual inventors, early-stage start-ups, and small businesses. Just as Michael Jordan was unable to achieve the same level success in a management role as in his role as a player, many patent lawyers struggle to provide the same level of value to individual inventors, early-stage start-ups, and small businesses as they so proficiently do for established corporations.

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Mutchler Patent LLC is a CT patent law firm tailored to the needs of individual inventors, small businesses, and entrepreneurs. We offer patent prosecution services, patent drafting services, and patent portfolio consultation services to clients in Connecticut and throughout the United States. While we are more than capable of doing this for large corporate clients, we choose not to: doing so would damage our business model. We love entrepreneurs, so we exist to serve them.

Mutchler Patent is Pixel Perfect for the Little Guy

Mutchler Patent | CT Patent Lawyer | Chris Mutchler, Esq.

CT Patent Lawyer for U.S. Patent Prosecution

Once you file a non-provisional U.S. patent application, you will very likely receive an “Office Action” from the USPTO explaining why a patent cannot be granted on your application as filed. This is normal (if you get an allowance right away, you may have been entitled to protections you didn’t claim – but that is a separate issue). We prepare responses to USPTO Office Actions using your feedback on the technicals and our patent prosecution experience to get you the results you expect.

CT Patent Lawyer for Utility Patent Drafting

Provisional and non-provisional patent drafting of utility patents (most patents are utility patents) at rates suitable for individuals and early stage start-ups. Flat fees available for most filings, excluding only inventions that are extremely complex and filings which are atypical. We work with you to obtain patent protection for exactly the subject matter you’re seeking to protect, regardless of the technical field.

Continuing Applications

Patent protection can go beyond your simple, run-of-the-mill non-provisional U.S. patent application. Want to claim something you left out in your original application? If it’s still pending, you can file a continuation. Restriction requirement? Divisional. Allowable subject matter, but need to correct an error prior to issue? You guessed it: continuation. New subject matter? Continuation in part. We are happy to talk IP strategy and figure out how to meet any of your more obscure patent protection needs.

PCT Applications

International patent filing. The “Patent Cooperation Treaty” or “PCT” provides inventors with a means of obtaining international patent protection using a single filing. This is in contrast to “direct filing,” in which the inventor files separate patents in each foreign country for which he or she seeks patent protection. PCT filings are governed by their own unique set of rules, which can be difficult to navigate. Mutchler Patent can help.

IP Strategy

Not sure exactly what you need to fit your goals? No problem! We can help you develop an intellectual property strategy tailored to your particular situation, and guide you towards effective implementation. From drafting teaching materials on intellectual property best practices for employees to creating ready-to-go non-disclosure agreements for impromptu client meetings (and everything in between), we help implement patent strategy to create an IP-conscious culture.

Patentability Opinions

The first step an inventor should take before deciding the plunge is obtaining a patentability opinion. If your idea likely isn’t patentable, that’s an important thing to know. A search for analogous prior art accompanied by an attorney’s patentability opinion will provide valuable insight into challenges which may arise during patent prosecution and potentially after.

CT Patent Lawyer With Services Tailored to Individual Inventors and Early Stage Start-ups

One of the most frequent complaints a patent lawyer hears day-to-day is this: “I am a solo inventor. Why are you billing me like I’m one of your corporate clients?” As science-minded people ourselves who grew up admiring history’s many great inventors, we cannot help but sympathize. Often times, firms will knock off a few hundred dollars from the bill to make the grand total more palatable and encourage inventorship. Rarely is this enough to actually help the inventor, but patent firms operate on such a tight margin they almost always lose money when they do this.

The problem is a structural one, rooted in the “traditional law firm” business model that most law firms employ and amplified by the reluctance to change characteristic of most established professionals (in any field, law or otherwise). The first results in certain inevitable inefficiencies, which increase the cost of doing business for the firm. The second causes entrenched reluctance to adopt new technology, thus wasting opportunities to save money and instead adding additional costs associated with maintaining outdated methodology.

A CT Patent Lawyer Who Thinks Entrepreneurially To Meet Clients’ Unique Patent Needs

Whereas most patent firms see the problem described above as an inevitability of all professional service industries to be disregarded, we see it as an opportunity to meet the needs of a distinct class of clients who the traditional law firm business model has failed.

We Save You Money By Doing All Of Our Patent Work Remotely

In this modern era of technology-enabled remote work, why should our clients pay for their patent lawyer to work from exorbitantly luxurious office space at the hottest location in town when those same clients themselves make due with much less?

There is no legitimate reason, but the one you’ll hear will be some variation of “that’s how we’ve always done it.” Realistically, the status quo is as it is because the decision makers at large law firms are not as technologically adept as some of their younger counterparts.

In certain fields this is less offensive, but in a technology driven area like patent law, the practice should not stand. Can you really trust a patent lawyer who can’t figure out how to make a Zoom call to understand your new and innovative technology well enough to protect it with a patent? Maybe, but is that person really worth more than someone who can?

We Intentionally Stay Small To Keep Your Patent Costs Low

If you are at the stage of considering hiring a patent lawyer to help you obtain a patent, you likely are in a unique position of needing to consider the impact of your business’s size on your bottom line. Think about it this way…

Whenever you hire an employee, you are adding a definite (known) cost that will generate indefinite (unknown) revenue. It is a very real possibility that the indefinite (unknown) revenue which your employee will generate is less than the definite (known) cost to your business of employing that employee. In other words, hiring an employee creates a non-trivial risk of losing money which must be mitigated.

To retain a talented such person in a competitive industry (where you cannot simply lower the amount you pay your employee without risk of losing them to a competitor, thus hurting your business), your best bet for mitigating risk is to maximize the probability that your employee will generate a profit instead of a loss.

Different businesses do this differently. In law, tasks that would take less time to do oneself then to explain to another are billed to the client both for the explanation and the carrying out. At Mutchler Patent, we stay small to save you the inefficiency costs on which traditional firms make their bread and butter.

Using technology maximize our efficiency, we save where larger patent firms spend. By thinking the same way our clients must think to succeed, we are able to tailor our services to meet their unique needs. Is it really worth paying more for a CT patent lawyer who doesn’t know to think this way?

Despite Our Experience With Much Larger Clients, We Only Work With Small Businesses, Early Stage Start-Ups, and Individual Inventors

Out of all the pieces of advice entrepreneurs toss around, by far the most common is to find a niche and dominate it. Our niche is obtaining patent protection for small businesses, early stage start ups, and individual inventors. We dominate this niche by providing the same top-of-the-industry service as our traditional patent law firm counterparts while leveraging technology to minimize our costs of so-doing.

By considering certain (what we have found to be unnecessary) elements of traditional law firm a discretionary expense (for example, we answer our own emails and schedule our own appointments), we are able walk away with the same bottom line as our more extravagantly-charging peers while doing better by our clients. Why pay a patent lawyer more for any less?

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Schedule a call with a registered CT patent lawyer today at the link below. Please bear in mind that while all calls and communications will be kept in strict confidence, attorney-client privilege does not exist until such time as an express agreement detailing the scope of any such attorney-client privilege has been mutually executed. In other words, we are happy to chat about your options with no obligation for you to hire us, but we don’t do work for free.

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